Why Raya?

There can be a lot of difference between tour operators in Thailand. In this page you can find few reasons to why to use Raya on your excursions, diving trips or a scuba courses. Remember, it is not the days when everything goes smoothly, but the days when something unexpected happens….


  • Tourist licenses and other permits are in order.
  • National Park fees are always paid and tourists registered.
  • Customer fills all proper medical and liability forms.
  • Everyone is insured with PADI PRRA insurance by Willis..


  • Cars and drivers have proper permits to transport tourists
  • Only airconditioned minibuses are used.
  • Seat belts exist and they are used.
  • Drivers are educated and instructed to drive slowly.


  • Only vessels in good condition are used.
  • Daily and monthly safety checks are performed.
  • Captains, engineers and vessels have proper licenses.
  • Maximum customer numbers are strictly followed.


  • Enough life jackets including children sizes always onboard.
  • First aid equipment is readily available and in good order..
  • Snorkeling and diving equipment is good quality.
  • Regular maintenance if performed to all equipment.


  • Everyone is first-aid trained and skills are practiced continuously.
  • Throughout safety briefings are given on all excursion.
  • Everyone has work permit and insurance.
  • Wide knowledge of the marine environment.


  • Weather, tropical storms, earthquakes and other disasters are followed 24/7.
  • Groups are supervised at all times both above and under the surface.
  • Customers are calculated several times a day.
  • Evacuation plans are in place and practiced continuoysly. 

In addition, we will...

  • Evaluate weather carefully when planning the daily activities.
  • Reschedule trips on bad weather free of charge.
  • Teach you how to properly use your equipment.
  • Take you to the most interesting area, not just the closest one.
  • Have enough guides to guarantee your safety.
  • Teach you about the aquatic environment.
  • Educate you how to be a responsible tourist.
Raya Divers Staff On Beach