Diving Insurance info

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Raya Divers has an insurance which covers possible dive-related injuries. The insurance is a Thai insurance which complies with the standards set up by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, and is specifically aimed for dive centers.

The insurance coverage is however smaller than for example the coverage provided by the Finnish Dive Association or the Divers Alert Network (DAN), who provide specific insurances for divers.

Duration of insurancePrice THBPrice €Max coverage THBMax coverage €
valid automaticallyfreefree500.000approx. 12.000

Certified divers:

For active certified divers, we recommend investing in an annual dive insurance provided by the Divers Alert Network (DAN). Other similar dive insurances can be purchased through your own dive club or insurance company.

In extremely serious incidents or for example cases of Type II Decompression Illness, which require multiple recompression chamber treatments and / or even an evacuation flight back to your home country and other special treatments, the basic insurance reimbursement will not necessarily be enough to cover all the costs.

Further information about insurances:

Divers Alert Network (DAN)