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Great vacation

Jonathan, Phuket 2014
Thanks to Raya Divers, and particularly my Divemaster Robin, for 5 fantastic dives in Phuket! I had an amazing time, and it really made my vacation!

Absolutely excellent!

Nea, Timo ja Satu, Phuket 2015
Kiitos hyvistä sukelluksista, terveiset rauhalliselle DiveMasterille Jannelle, sekä muulle porukalle! Homma tuntui olevan teillä hanskassa, sekä toiminta oli selkeää ja jämäkkää. He myös mukauttivat sukellukset yms. meille sopiviksi.

Raya Divers

The founder and chairman of the board Janne Miikkulainen describes the mission statement of Raya: “Our mission is to provide exceptional customer service following western safety standards both under and above the surface. We aim to exceed the customer expectations every single day.”

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